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WorldFace Beta channel

I created a beta channel for WorldFace to improve the user experience.

I noticed that when publishing updates (mostly to add features following user requests), there are often bugs that require new updates. Sometimes, those bugs are linked to the settings and the Garmin system, which I am not fully in controlled of. There seems to be a limit not only to the size of the app in Kb, but also to the number/size of settings. And those limitations seem to vary with the device model.

Since I only own one model, a D2 Charlie, I can only test on my watch. I normally release updates only when I am satisfied with testing. But I noticed users reporting issues on other devices (like the Fenix 6) that I have not experienced on my device.

As a result, I will now post updates on the beta channel first. Hopefully, some users will be using the beta app to test and report if any bug is encountered.

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